Drama as volleyball player is caught red-handed in bed sleeping with another woman

A famous male volleyball player was caught red-handed by his wife (not a volleyball player) having sex with a female volleyball player.

 The player might have been set up by a team-mate who also eyes the female player.

The player is now stressed and is at the brink of losing his family after the wife allegedly packed a few things after the incident and left without uttering a word.

 She has since gone mute and has declined to pick calls from his husband and his close friends, prompting the man to believe, he could have lost his wife.

What is reported to have angered the mother of one is that the woman she found chewing his husband is even older than his hubby himself.

She is bitter because the woman chewing him is very old,” one of the woma’s friends told Offside, adding that the woman plans to call dissolve the marriage.

The male player’s wife who works outside the city met the shock of her life when she came home unannounced and found the two ninjas violently shaking the sheets.


Female official taking players to liquor dens

A club official is on the spot for luring first team players to dingy drinking dens even nights before serious matches.

 The female official has been seen on numerous occasions visiting drinking spots, where they stay up to late before leaving together. Fans have raised concerns and expressed fear that if not curbed, it could affect the entire squad ahead of the new season.

“Some of the players are young and the officials should be good examples not the ones leading the pack to the destruction,” a fan told Offside.

The club top brass have been forced to grapple with such challenges and are now contemplating reviewing their election regulations to help them weed out people with drugs and booze background from contesting club positions because they could be of bad influence to players.

The official is however a darling of many players and must be handled with care lest she influences the entire team performance.

“Players tend to love officials who won’t point out their weaknesses and that has been a problem, but we hope the trend change ahead of the new season,” said our source.

The official is said to be a firm believer in booze’s ability to jog the brain ahead of serious tasks such as examination and games, telling players that she used it during her secondary school days to boost her performance in class, an idea some players have bought. “You don’t take one too many, just well measured quantity for the task ahead, to open your eyes.”

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