One of the top players in KPL risks destroying his career after being found smoking weed even after the club made it clear to the new players that they don’t condone weed smoking among their players.

 The new player who is said to be addicted to bhang took none of it and went ahead to do his weed. 

A section of club officials are disappointed in the player with others even calling for the termination of his contract before even the league kick-off.

The player is said to be one of the most experienced in the league, but has not been considered by most coaches due to his indiscipline background which has been linked to weed.

“He is good and docile until he takes weed,” source told offside, adding that he is capable of even attacking the coach or fellow players in the dressing room when high on weed.

 The player was at one time accused of farting loudly during players-coach meeting and in the dressing room in one of the club he played for.

 “He could fart loudly like the pant has cracked and go mute like nothing has happened,” said our source. It is not yet clear what will happen with the new two-year contract which had been given to him.    

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