Government intensifies crackdown on counterfeit goods

Investment, Trade and Industrialisation Cabinet Secretary Rebecca Miano. [Standard, File]

Investment, Trade and Industrialisation Cabinet Secretary Rebecca Miano has affirmed the government’s commitment to intensify crackdowns on outlets vending counterfeit commodities.

She issued a stern warning to violators, stating they would be subjected to stringent legal repercussions.

Miano’s statement comes in the wake of ongoing operations by the Anti-Counterfeit Authority (ACA) across the country.

The CS said the government had made a conscious decision to eliminate all counterfeit goods from the market to protect legitimate manufacturers.

“We are going to be resolute from now on. Most Kenyans are unaware that these products pose a health risk. To foster fair trade, more raids will be conducted until the market is purged,” she said.

Miano urged domestic producers and manufacturers to patent their brands, thereby gaining legal protection against counterfeiting.

She stressed the need for collaboration with all stakeholders and vigilance among Kenyans.

“Most of these items may seem inexpensive, but they lack quality. It is more prudent to invest in a durable product than to repeatedly return to the shop for the same item,” she advised.

 Miano also encouraged business people, particularly importers, to utilise Electronic Recordation declaration systems.

 The automated platforms, employed by customs administration, manage and process import data, thereby enhancing the efficiency of customs operations.

According to Miano, there has been a rampant distribution of counterfeit products, prompting manufacturers to call on the anti-counterfeit agency to swiftly uphold the integrity of the market.

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