Governor Sakaja's biggest challenge: Nairobians are chocking in garbage

Eradicating the garbage menace in Nairobi was one of the underpinnings of Governor Johnson Sakaja's manifesto.

Among other pledges, he promised to set up a recycling plant that will turn the waste deposited at the Dandora dumpsite into energy.

To prove the naysayers wrong, immediately after his swearing-in, Sakaja took a tour of the city starting with Mukuru slums and selected estates that were choking in garbage.

However, over eight months since his election, the city is choking from uncollected garbage including in the Central Business District.

In fact, the city is fast losing its lustre to stinking garbage strewn all over the city streets, walks ways, bridges, and markets. At Burma, Muthurwa, Wakulima and Ngara markets where city residents buy their foodstuff, one is greeted by filth and odour.

The situation has been made unbearable by the ongoing rains, including in residential areas such as Pipeline estate. It is time the county government finds sustainable solutions that would ensure garbage is collected and disposed of in a timely manner.

There are many challenges that impede garbage collection in the city ranging from lack of adequate manpower, poor remuneration, and entrenchment of cartels to lack of discipline among members of the public.

While some of these impediments will take time to address, the governor should turn his talk into action if he wants Nairobians to take him seriously.

For instance, he undertook to employ 3,000 workers to help to clean the city but this is yet to materialise.

This time, the governor is promising to employ 3,500 cleaners among other measures to sanitise the capital, which include the construction of a new weighbridge and recarpeting of leading roads to the Dandora dumpsite.

President William Ruto has also pledged that the national government will set aside Sh1 billion to clean the city and generate electricity out of the refuse.

There is therefore no excuse why Sakaja cannot return the city to its former glory as a clean, green city in the sun.

By Sammy Mose 7 days ago
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