SCHOOLS: Onjiko, Maseno, and Nyakach Girls shine in Kisumu County Basketball 3x3

Action during Nyakach  Vs Koru 3on3 game on the first day of second term Kisumu county school games at Maseno. [Michael Mute,Standard]

The Kisumu County Secondary Schools Term Two games are underway at Maseno School, and the basketball 3x3 competitions have been dominated by Onjiko High School, hosts Maseno School, and Nyakach Girls.

In the boys' category, Onjiko High School has shown exceptional form, securing their spot in the semifinals with two decisive victories.

On Thursday, Onjiko defeated Chemelil 18-6 and followed up with a commanding 21-4 win over Kasagam. Their strong performance has made them one of the top contenders in the tournament.

Maseno School has also made a significant impact, clinching their place in the semifinals with dominant displays. They overwhelmed Kasagam 22-6 and continued their winning streak with a 21-4 victory against Chemelil. Maseno's consistent high-scoring games highlight their offensive prowess and strategic gameplay.

Other notable results in the boys' category include Lions' 14-7 victory over Katolo, Kisumu Boys' 11-3 win against Otieno Oyoo, and Nyabondo's 16-4 triumph over Kandege. Additionally, Chulaimbo secured a 13-5 win over Katolo, and Thurdibuoro defeated Otieno Oyoo 15-7.

Action during Nyakach  Vs Koru 3on3 game on the first day of second term Kisumu county school games at Maseno. [Michael Mute,Standard]

In the girls' category, Nyakach Girls have been the standout team, showcasing their skill and dominance on the court. They started strong with an 18-2 victory over Katolo and continued their impressive form with a 21-9 win against Koru. Their powerful offense and tight defense have set them apart from their competitors.

KG also booked their place in the semifinals with a convincing 21-1 win over Ahero, although they faced a tougher challenge against Rae, ultimately falling 5-8. Other significant results in the girls' matches include St Barnabas' 12-2 victory over St Teresa's and Sinyolo's 19-6 win against Koru. Despite a strong start, Sinyolo faced a setback with a 9-12 loss to Katolo.

The semifinals promise to be thrilling as the top teams vie for the championship. Onjiko High School, Maseno School, and Nyakach Girls have demonstrated their potential to clinch the titles in their respective categories. The Kisumu County Secondary Schools Term Two games continue to bring excitement and high-level competition to the region.

Kisumu County Basketball 3x3 Day One results


Onjiko 18-06 Chemelil

Lions 14-07 Katolo

Kisumu Boys 11-03 Otieno Oyoo

Nyabondo 16-04 Kandege

Maseno 22-06 Kasagam

Chulaimbo 13-05 Katolo

Thurdibuoro 15-07 Otieno Oyoo

Ngere 10- 13 Kandege

Onjiko 21- 04 Kasagam

Maseno 21-04 Chemelil


Nyakach 18-02 Katolo

Kisumu Girls 21-01 Ahero

St Barnabas 12-02 St Teresa's

Sinyolo 19-06 Koru

Ojolla 06-10 Rae

Dr Aloo gumbi 08-10 St Teresa

Sinyolo 09-12 Katolo

Ojolla 10-05 Ahero

Nyakach 21-09 Koru

Kisumu Girls 05-08 Rae

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