Mario Balotelli clashes with Dani Alves over his remarks on Italian footballer’s death

By Japheth Ogila: Wednesday, March 7th 2018 at 14:49 GMT +3 | Sports
Mario Balotelli at the training ground, with Davide Astori (behind) during their time with Italian national team. [Photo: Courtesy]

War of words ensued in social media between two Ligue 1 stars Mario Balotelli who plays for OGC Nice and Dani Alves-a PSG left-back.

Alves made a comment about the late Italian international Davide Astori and his comment did not go well with the Italian forward who did not hesitate to ‘tell him off.’

Fiorentina captain was found dead by his teammates on Sunday morning. The autopsy revealing the cause of his death has since been made public, with the result showing that the 31-year old succumbed to bradycardia, a condition where the heart slowly malfunctions.

But while commenting about the death of Astori before PSG’s clash with Real Madrid, the Brazilian made a comment implying that he was rather unmoved by the incident.

 “Thousands of children die every day without this much attention being paid to them. Their deaths are just as important,” said Alves.

The comment prompted a salvo from the former Manchester City man who went to Instagram to shred the former Barcelona player.

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Balotelli replied: “What he said… he could’ve kept it to himself at that moment,” said Balotelli.

“He should’ve just passed on his condolences and that’s it, not talk rubbish. You cannot make those comments when faced with someone’s death.”

He went ahead and gave a testimony of how he spent memorable moments with the late while playing for the Italian national team.

Balotelli decried the sudden death of his former teammate adding that players are at risk of falling victims to similar circumstances despite the numerous tests they go through.