Reports: Mourinho reveals that he feels ‘so sorry’ for Arsenal fans

By Mirror: Sunday, September 10th 2017 at 22:40 GMT +3 | Gossip & Rumours
The two Premier League bosses have endured a long-term rivalry on the touchline

Jose Mourinho apparently 'feels sorry' for Arsenal fans for having Arsene Wenger as their manager, according to Piers Morgan.

The renowned Gunners fan and chief cheerleader for the Wenger Out campaign has told of an amusing encounter with the Manchester United boss in which Mourinho feigns sympathy for the rival Premier League giants' supporters.

Morgan says he ran into Mourinho in upmarket department store Harrods in London, near where his family is based, after the Gunners were battered 4-0 by Liverpool, reports the Manchester Evening News.

The TV presenter wrote in his Daily Mail column that the pair had a 20-minute chat about football in which Mourinho's reactions to comments about Arsenal were either brutal or hilarious - depending on whether you're an Arsenal fan or not.

Morgan wrote: "I feel so sorry for you Arsenal fans," he chuckled, not looking remotely sorry.

He quoted Mourinho saying: "I have some very good friends who love Arsenal like you do and they are just as depressed as you about the club.

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"They suffer so badly, it is a terrible thing to observe. Mourinho then burst out laughing. "Terrible… hahahahaha."

Morgan says he asked: "How the hell is Arsene Wenger still in his job?"

Mourinho's response, as reported by Morgan, is brutal: "No idea," Mourinho smirked. "But I hope he stays in it for a very long time…"'

Morgan even claimed that Mourinho asked for a photo with him to 'send my Arsenal friends'; the picture was later uploaded to Morgan's Instagram.

"So there I was wandering around Harrods trying to cheer myself up from 3 broken ribs & Arsenal's disintegration.. when I bump into the best manager in the world," Morgan posted on August 29.

"Great to see you, Jose. Just wish you were our manager."