Emmanuel Adebayor opens up about his strained relationship with his family

By Game Yetu: Tuesday, July 18th 2017 at 00:00 GMT +3 | Football

All is not well between Emmanuel Adebayor and his mother as the Togo striker who currently plays for Turkish side Istanbul Basaksehir reveals he does not talk to his family anymore.

In a new interview with BBC, the 33-year-old publicly opened up about his strained relationship with his mom and how difficult it was to lose his relationship with close family members.

"It's a tough one, it's a difficult one," the former Monaco, Arsenal and Manchester City striker told the BBC.

"Today, I think I made the right decision to go public because what I have been through.

"People say yes, you have to keep it for yourself yes. I did everything to stay in Real Madrid but because of my late brother I couldn't stay there because he sent a letter, an official letter from Adebayor's family to the club that they shouldn't keep me.

Adebayor and mum

“I’m not saying that’s why they didn’t keep me but it can be part of it.

“My mum is saying I have never given her 200 dollars before. People that I don’t even know, I have built houses for them. I have bought cars for them so my mum can’t say certain things, my family can’t say certain things.

Adebayor also revealed he is "a changed person", thanking his mother for supporting him.

"But today, I am a different person. I see life in a different way. My mother gave me the chance to be who I am today and I can never thank her enough for that. I respect her for being my mum,” he added:

 “I respect her for being there for me in the difficult moments but today I am Adebayor.”

|”I have to look after someone else as well.

"I don't know, I don't talk to my family anymore but I talk to my friends. So whenever they want to talk me I am available to talk to anyone because I am a good believer.

"The issue is not just mine because for me they are not helping me to do my job properly."

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