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Landlord offers a three month rent waiver to tenants

A landlord in Eldoret has joined the list of kind citizens after announcing a three-month rent waiver for his tenants.

Paul Waweru, the proprietor of Ndupawa Resort in the town, cited tough economic times that need to be addressed with understanding.

He said his business would suffer losses but his tenants would suffer more if he were to demand rent, while the country is grappling with Covid-19 that has affected economic activities.

“We are facing tough times and I have allowed my tenants to skip paying rent from April to June,” said Waweru.

The landlord noted that some tenants are employees who have been retrenched or have no jobs at the moment and soliciting rent from them at this period will be unfair.

Other responsibilities

He added that some have other responsibilities and evicting them for failing to pay rent would make their lives more difficult.

Sheila Wamboi, who operates a salon and cosmetic shop in the building, and who is a beneficiary of Waweru’s magnanimity, expressed her gratitude.

She said her business was no longer earning her much income, and that she could no longer pay her bills.

Collins Wekesa, another tenant who works as a trader at Eldoret Market, welcomed the move, saying it gladdened his heart since his business was accruing losses.

“I was on the verge of moving out to look for a cheaper house elsewhere since I could no longer afford the Sh5,000 rent,” he told The Saturday Standard.

Waweru urged other landlords to follow his example by going easy on tenants.

President Uhuru Kenyatta last month encouraged landlords to be considerate of tenants affected by shut-down of businesses due to Covid-19.