Bodies yet to be recovered after boat accident

It has been five days since a boat capsized in Loiyangalani on the eastern side of Lake Turkana and rescuers are still searching for the bodies of three fishermen who drowned.

Marsabit County Police Commander Bernard Kogo said yesterday swimmers are using manual methods to trace the bodies after a two-day aerial search by police helicopter failed to find them.

Speaking to The Standard, Laisamis MP Joseph Lekuton, who was aboard the police chopper and who also visited Loiyangalani, said the three were among eight people who were on a fishing expedition when their boat capsized

rescue efforts

Mr Lekuton said the fishermen had a problem with their boat following strong winds on the Lake and one of them climbed up to adjust the boat's upper gear when it tilted and threw all of them into the water.

"One of the fishermen swam for some kilometres to the shore and reported the incident. Four others managed to hang onto the boat until they were rescued 12 hours later while the three were overwhelmed by the strong waves," the MP said.

On Tuesday, the MP requested a police helicopter to help trace the bodies.

"We organised to have the survivors rescued and are now working to find the three who drowned. We will not stop until we have found all of them," he said.

The MP appealed for external help in recovering the bodies, saying they wanted to bury the fishermen in accordance with their traditional customs.