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Facebook suspends tens of thousands of apps in response to Cambridge Analytica row

Facebook has put curbs on the amount of information developers can request from platform users.

Woman almost loses her entire savings to Instagram scam

A woman who became the target of a 'get rich quick' scam on Instagram was told 'her money would triple in just a few days'

Video games can trigger heart problems in some children, study warns

While some video games get your heart racing, a new study has warned that video games can actually trigger heart problems in some children.

Huawei smartphone launches without any Google apps

From Google Maps to Gmail, Google ’s apps are used by millions of people on both iPhone and Android smartphones every day.

4 free ways to learn the basics of coding

If you don’t quite have the time to learn anything highly skilled, but are keen on grasping the basics of coding, here are 4 online classes

Tech industry players push for changes in data rules

Law seeks to protect personal data from misuse by the State and private agencies.

WhatsApp's 'unsend' feature doesn't delete photos sent to iPhone users

Since 2017, WhatsApp users have had the ability to ‘unsend’ messages, thanks to the app’s ‘Delete for Everyone’ feature.

How YouTube makes money from fake cancer cure videos

Searching YouTube across 10 languages, the BBC found more than 80 videos containing health misinformation - mainly bogus cancer cures.

Infinixmall launches online sale of affordable Smart TV Syinix

New TV is ordered through the online shopping mall Infinixmall.

Firm unveils tool that predicts power outage in buildings

Buildings will now be able to better predict power availability and cushion the premises against shock, fire...

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