Gachagua denies claims of rift in Kenya Kwanza administration

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua. [DPCS]

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has denied claims of division within the Kenya Kwanza government, saying their political rivals are still in denial.

Speaking during a church service in Nandi, Mr Gachagua said he was busy working with President William Ruto to revive the economy and will not be distracted by political sideshows propagated through media.

“I have no apologies to make. I'm not apologetic about the demand that those who voted for the Kenya Kwanza government should be considered first, they have a huge stake in this government. If it puts me in trouble, let it be,” he affirmed.

The second-in-command while attending an Anglican Church of Kenya fundraiser in Kapsabet, said that he would not back down in his position and claimed that President Ruto agreed with his view.

He said Kenya Kwanza's opponents were not comfortable with the government and had resorted to diversionary narratives, purporting that he was not in good terms with his boss.

“I must defend my boss and those who voted for us. Truth be told, as the Bible urges us to do, the naysayers should be content with the reality that those who benefit first are those who voted for the government. Otherwise, we couldn't be holding these offices,” he said.

Rigathi further said he had no objections to the president meeting with opposition leaders, but he warned that they should not expect much out of it.

He stated that he would jealously champion the lion's share of resources to be given to Rift Valley and Central Kenya.

“Some people accuse me of being a hardliner or blocking them from accessing President Ruto, but where were they before the 2022 elections?” he posed.

He said the president is a symbol of national unity, and he had shown his exemplary stature to serve all Kenyans.

“Let the president woo the people who did not vote for us, and I will receive those who are defecting to Kenya Kwanza ahead of the 2027 elections. When I called for unity in Mt Kenya, it is an unsettling idea to many, especially when I hinted that I want to meet former President Uhuru Kenyatta to unite Mt Kenya.”