Inside MP Mishra's Sh13 million campaign truck: It is fitted with CCTV, drinks cabinet

Political seasons in the country are usually characterised by glitz, with politicians displaying their might in a bid to woo voters. From colourfully designed billboards, to creatively branded clothes, cars, and trucks, the politicians are pulling no stops.

Swarrup Mishra, who is seeking re-election as Kesses MP owns what can arguably be the most creatively designed campaign truck in the country. The truck is fitted with state-of-the-art technology to deliver security, comfort and efficiency while on the campaign trail.

The carrier is partitioned between the main area comprising a podium and the entire public address system and a soundproof office for the MP. The office has a thick wooden wall, an elaborate assorted drinks cabinet, two TV screens, a food cabinet, comfortable leather seats and a washroom section with a constant water supply. It has also been fitted with a red carpet all over its floor.

The truck is also fitted with a CCTV camera system with eight cameras to enable one sitting inside the office to get a real-time update of what’s happening around the area outside it. Its ceiling is fitted with a beautifully curved gypsum board with different types of bulbs emitting different colours. The MP said the truck was procured and set up at an approximate cost of Sh13 million. It was meant to make campaigns fun and comfortable.

Dr Mishra said: “People take campaigns so seriously to an extent of insulting one another. They take politics to be a matter of life and death. To me, politics should not give us so much pressure to an extent of making the thing ugly.”
The MP, who is the proprietor of Mediheal Group of Hospitals, says he the campaign truck and the modern technology put into it is his expression of love for his constituents.