Go for integrity, Kalua Green pleads with voters

Kalua Green (right). The GTAP leaders says Kenya is at crossroads. [File, Standard]

Kenyans have been urged to elect leaders with vision and high level of integrity in the August 9 general poll.

Speaking at Shitam Farm in Makuyu Murang’a when he toured the nursery, Green Thinking Action Party [GTAP) leader Isaac Green Kalua told Kenyans to root for leaders with integrity without judging them by age or parties.

Kalua, who drummed support for the revival of the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI), said Kenya is at crossroads when sound decisions are needed, and every voter must play their role.

According to the GTAP leader, mistrust among leaders has created unnecessary division in the country, adding that only strong, ideology-based parties will rescue the country in the long run.

Kalua added that GTAP will work with like-minded patriots to transform the country by creating a sound economic base for every Kenyan to thrive in a sustainable manner.

"This is the way to go; selling ideology and vision, not fear and hype. The time to lie to Kenyans is gone. This is the time to get things right, and it does not matter how many people are behind you, just do the right thing," Kalua said.

Shitam Farm is based in Pundamilia, Makuyu, Murang’a County, and leads in the production of seedlings and indigenous trees.

Hundreds of farmers benefited from Hass avocado seedlings that were issued for free.