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Chief Whip warns CORD against public rallies

Senate Majority Chief Whip Beatrice Elachi has asked the Coalition for Reforms and Democracy (CORD) to rethink its decision to hold public rallies, saying they were likely to cause tension in the country.

Ms Elachi said Kenya had a number of challenges that needed solutions and rallies and inflammatory political statements would not help the situation.

“CORD has embarked on rallies and will unnecessarily heighten political temperature without even attempting to give solutions to the problems. It is very disappointing to have such an Opposition, which plans to thrive on problems like terrorism facing Kenyans,” she said.

Elachi accused the Opposition of trying to foment unrest in Kenyan rather than engage the Government objectively.

“The unrest in 2007 started in 2005 when the Opposition went round provoking tension. We later saw what happened. Now they have started. They want to put Kenyans in an election mood four years to the General Election,” she said.

She accused former National Assembly Speaker Farah Maalim who she said claimed on a local TV station that the shilling had dipped because Somalis were leaving to other countries after incarceration in Kenya.

“The solution to Somali nationals is to have stability in their country. So for someone to tell us they are received with open arms in other countries is to show that there are those who do not wish for a lasting answer to the nation’s challenges,” she said.