Deputy President's post is not vacant, please leave Gachagua alone

Kenyans went to the polls in 2022 to elect leaders who will serve them for five years. These elected political leaders are expected to carry out their duties diligently.

Unfortunately, this is not the case. These very politicians continue to pursue their 2027 politics even though they are supposed to be working for the electorate.

Mt Kenya has become the epicentre of the 2027 election debate over who is most suited to deputise President William Ruto in 2027. Some counties in the Mt Kenya region have already suggested candidates for the running mate position in 2027.

Others have even warned President Ruto not to seek re-election with Rigathi Gachagua as his running mate.

In Kirinyaga County, some elected leaders want Governor Mumbi Waiguru to deputise Ruto in the 2027 campaign.

Murang’a County has also entered the succession debate with zest, with Senator Joe Nyutu and Gatanga MP Edwin Muriu leading the charge to support Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro for the position of deputy president, which is currently occupied by Gachagua.

Ndindi is a respected leader in Murang’a County. His development record is impeccable. However, it shouldn’t escape this youthful and brilliant Murang’a leader that you can run too fast and just before the finish line, trip and fall.

But again, what is the actual motivation behind this recent wave in the mountain? Why are these leaders degrading the deputy president? Senator Nyutu and other politicians have ganged up to engage in the 2027 succession politics, belittling Rigathi, and ignore the fact that he is the de facto leader of the mountain.

The mountain is interested in development over theatrics played by these politicians as it is barely two years since the last election.

It is therefore a terrible scene when these leaders fire tirades at the deputy president over matters that are of little concern to Mt Kenya people.

The deputy president’s post is not vacant. That is clear. He has a responsibility to reform the coffee and tea sectors to ensure our farmers have a reasonable and decent income commensurate with their hard work.

It is therefore important that all of Mt Kenya should rally behind Gachagua, leveraging on his powerful position to pursue tea and coffee reforms that benefit their people, lobby for development, and unite the mountain.

Mt Kenya people want to know the status of coffee, tea, milk, and macadamia reforms. Mt Kenya people want markets for their agricultural produce.

Mt Kenya people want the menace of illicit liquors ended. These are the current priorities for Mt Kenya, not the 2027 politics of division.

By being the second in command, Gachagua and the de facto leader of Mt Kenya, others should throw their weight behind him and ensure that the ongoing tea and coffee reforms improve the livelihoods of farmers.

It would be unfortunate for the Mt Kenya region to go into early campaigns. The next two years should be about agitating for development and uniting our people. The next two years should be about unity.

To our young leaders, the first requirement of politics is not intellect or stamina but patience. Politics is a long run game and the tortoise usually beats the hare.

The Kenya Kwanza government, led by Ruto and his deputy, forms a powerful front, thus being an unstoppable team with a mission of rebuilding this country.

Those who have a problem with the deputy president should know that he was the President’s choice. The President had his reasons for going for Gachagua and ignoring Ndindi or Governor Waiguru as his running mates in 2022.