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Opinion: Rewarding hard-working police officers spot-on

National Police Service Commission PHOTO:COURTESY

Motivation in any work environment goes a long way in boosting the morale and confidence of workers.

This is particularly important where the work involved is very demanding, like that of police officers and medics. Their work demands that they be permanently on call.

The National Police Service has had a bad name over the years because of a few rogue officers who have given new meaning to the saying; one rotten egg spoils the entire pudding.

By their selfish acts, they have dented the image of the police almost beyond repair. And as fate would have it, the bad elements in the service are the most visible.

But it would be dishonest to deny the existence of a good number of police officers who execute their duties with diligence and dedication.

Accordingly, it was in was encouraging and highly welcome for the National Police Service to reward such hard-working officers.

Hard work, as often said, pays. Hopefully, this will help to goad other officers who often treat their work shabbily to work hard and honestly for the good of society.

It is important that trust be established between police officers and the public for ease of work, but this can only be achieved if officers are perceived to be friendly as opposed to the current image of arrogant officers known more for involvement in corruption than anything else.