Revolution is coming, brace for it - Mutahi Kagwe


Former Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe. [Stafford Ondego, Standard]

For years, demonstrations in the country were primarily organised by leaders who successfully mobilised individuals from various counties to demand social changes.

However, what was witnessed yesterday, experts and critics say, was historic.

On Tuesday, June 18, hundreds of people flocked to Nairobi’s Central Business District to protest the proposed 2024 Finance Bill, which many fear would significantly raise their already elevated cost of living by adding new taxes and increasing others on a wide range of goods and services.

The men and women, primarily millennials and Generation Z organised their protest through social media platforms, united in their call for changes to the proposed 2024 Finance Bill.

According to former Health CS Mutahi Kagwe, Tuesday’s demonstrations were unprecedented.

Speaking on Spice FM, Kagwe said, “Today’s Kenyan is not a person who can be easily fooled. What we witnessed yesterday was very historic and momentous for our nation. They showed us that people do not need to be led by a famous politician to object to a situation they do not like.”

Kagwe noted that for years, young people have shied away from politics and related practices. Therefore, seeing them use their voices is revolutionary.

“For a long time, this generation has stayed away from politics and public responsibility, but they have been pushed to the extent that they realise it is politics that shapes their lives. That realisation has driven them to take responsibility,” said Kagwe.

However, Kagwe emphasised that even as they fill the streets and amplify their voices, young people should consider taking up political roles, as real change happens within political spaces.

He added that the era of electing incompetent leaders is over, as power now belongs to the youth.

“Now that Gen Z is realising the importance of the political space, they should not only be on the streets but also take up roles in governance. They must come together and identify individuals who will occupy places in parliament. Those in business should support them by sharing ideas and providing funding,” the former CS stated.