UDA wrangles are distractions from Finance Bill, claims Wanjigi

Businessman Jimmy Wanjigi. [Screen Grab]

As conflicts emerge within the ruling United Democratic Alliance (UDA), politician and economic expert Jimmy Wanjigi says, the ruling party is using the conflict as a tool to distract Kenyans from the Proposed 2024 Finance bill.

Recently, politicians from factions loyal to President William Ruto and his deputy, Rigathi Gachagua, have been at odds over their split loyalty to the two.

As of yesterday, a fresh conflict was instigated by Secretary General Cleophas Malala’s stern warning to senior cabinet secretaries and politicians from factions loyal to President William Ruto and his deputy, Rigathi Gachagua.

This according to Wanjigi is nothing but a political plan to ensure Kenyans are distracted from the Proposed 2024 Finance Bill in which new taxes are to be introduced, if approved.

Speaking in an interview with Spice FM, Wanjigi stated: “UDA wars are distractions from the main issue which is the 2024 Finance Bill and the Budget in which criminality is about to happen.”

According to Wanjigi, instead of being held accountable, the ruling party is using its political wrangles to shy away from questions around its 2022/2024 financial year expenditure and the new proposed taxes.

By feeding the public political stories, around the same time when a possible public participation for the 2024 Finance Bill should be carried out, the majority of Kenyans will be glued to the ‘split’ and not the newly imposed taxes.

This he says is a strategic move that might cripple the country economically.

According to Wanjigi, Kenyans should be vigilant and avoid distraction as the result will have more impact on them.

Currently, the proposed 2024 Finance Bill has faced several oppositions among them the proposed taxes on motor vehicles.

However, according to Wanjigi a lot more needs to be done including public conversation with different political leaders in the country.