EACC accuses counties of laxity in graft war

The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) has accused county governments of failing to seal graft loopholes, leading to pilferage of public resources.

While emphasising the need to safeguard revenue streams against plunder, EACC Spokesperson Erick Ngumbi said diversion of public funds is entrenched in several county governments, making them not to meet their targets with some performing poorly than the defunct municipalities.

Ngumbi disclosed that the commission has carried out its risk management in 28 counties where it was established that they are yet to implement. EACC advisory on how to seal graft loopholes.

“Diversion of revenue and system manipulation are on the rise across counties. We have done risk assessment in 28 counties and given out our task force recommendations however, they have not fully put into practice the advisory to tackle corruption,” he said.

Citing the recent arrest of a Nairobi county revenue official alongside an intern student, the EACC Spokesperson said rogue officials were manipulating revenue systems to reflect payments had been made when in actual sense no or less payments have been made.

Ngumbi said the two suspects had allegedly promised a businessman that he would pay less in parking fee.

The businessman had gone to make annual parking fees for his commercial vehicles amounting to Sh45,000 but he was directed to deposit some money in a private account with a promise that the parking fees would be reduced.

“To confirm to the complainant (businessman) that it was possible to help him escape full payments if he agreed to the deal, the suspects entered the registration of the complainant’s vehicle in the revenue portal which indicated that he had paid," explained Ngumbi.

The businessman who had not paid any amount was able to verify that the portal indicated payment of parking fees for the whole year. EACC sleuths swung into action after being alerted, arresting the two men.