Police officer stabbed by a jilted lover in Kasarani, Nairobi

Directorate of Criminal Investigations say the police officer was stabbed in the abdomen [iStock photo]

A woman is on the run after stabbing her ex-lover, a police officer based at the Zimmerman Police Post, to death.

30- ear-old Pamela Njambi is said to have attacked the police corporal as he left her house on Sunday, November 20.

The officer was leaving the house following an unsuccessful reconciliation meeting between the two.

“According to the officer, his former girlfriend had invited him to her house in a bid to rekindle the dying embers of their once blissful relationship. But the officer turned down the overtures and informed his jilted lover that their relationship had run its course and he had since moved on with his life,” Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) said in a statement.

After the failed meeting that lasted less than an hour, the fugitive is said to have discreetly followed and seriously injured officer.

He sustained stab wounds in the abdomen inflicted by a sharp object. After the Sunday 10pm incident, the suspect fled into the darkness.

The victim was rescued and rushed him to St. John Hospital for first aid. He was later transferred to a city hospital for further treatment.

“The officer who suffered a stab wound in the abdomen is currently in stable condition as efforts to arrest the assailant intensity,” the statement from DCI read in part.