Prof George Wajackoyah tours marijuana farms in US

 Prof George Wajackoyah tours the expansive bhang farm. [Twitter, @glwajackoyah]

Roots Party presidential candidate, Prof George Wajackoyah jetted out of the country to the United States and one of his stops was to marijuana farms to better understand how they are grown.

Prof Wajackoyah’s spokesperson, Jaymo Ule Msee, shared his photos while touring an expansive bhang farm wearing a hair restraint over his trademark durag.

“US Cannabis Corporation invites Wajackoyah to the US and is ready to invest multi-billion dollars in Kenya. Spent the entire yesterday touring various plants in the US,” tweeted Msee.

"Today the 5th visited Cannabis Plantations and restaurants in the United States of America where he has been invited by Cannabis investors in the USA," he posted on Facebook.

The Roots Party presidential candidate was shown various marijuana strains developed for restorative and sporting purposes in the United States.

Prof George Wajackoyah was shown various marijuana strains. [Twitter, @glwajackoyah]

He also interacted with potential marijuana investors.

The Roots Party leader has promised to legalise commercial farming of marijuana for medicinal purposes to pay off the public debt if elected president in the August 9 polls.

If Prof Wajackoyah's proposal sees the light of the day, Kenya will join Lesotho, South Africa, Zambia, and Zimbabwe that are seeking to tap into the global marijuana market.

The Roots Party presidential candidate has become a political sensation for also promising to support snake farming to extract venom and sell hyenas' testicles to offset the country’s ballooning debt.

"Venom, which is "more expensive than gold" will be extracted to produce anti-venom for medicinal use, while snake meat will be exported to countries such as China, where it is regarded as a delicacy," he said.

Prof Wajackoyah admitted that he has never smoked marijuana, but would do so if he wins the presidency.

"There is nothing wrong with smoking it when it is legalised and the regulatory bodies have approved for it to be smoked," he said.

Prof George Wajackoyah spent the entire day touring various plants in the US. [Twitter, @glwajackoyah]

Prof Wajackoyah's views have been condemned by church leaders saying that they would promote drug abuse among the youths.

Wildlife groups and the Union of Veterinary Practitioners have also opposed the Roots Party leader's proposal for snake farming to extract venom for medicinal use and sell of hyenea testicles.

"Trade in hyena testicles and snakes is disallowed and a threat to the existence of the wild species. The proposal is a recipe for another pandemic because it could lead to the spillover of viruses, bacteria, and parasites from hyenas and snakes to human beings,’’ read the statement from Wildlife groups and the Union of Veterinary Practitioners.