Families of missing men want answers from government

Agnes Mwangi (left) sister to James Muthee. On the right is Mary Mungai mother to Martin Mungai who is also missing. [File, Standard]

Three families are pleading for the lives of their relatives who have gone missing.

The victims, Martin Mungia, Vincent Owuor and James Muthee, disappeared on diverse dates between June 30 and September 15 in Nairobi.

On June 30 at their Roysambu home Mungia left saying that he was headed to meet a friend in Ruiru but never returned as he had promised.

“The friend he had said he was going to meet called asking for Mungai’s whereabouts and when I called him too, his phone was off,” Mungai’s mother Mary Mungai said.

The son failed to show up that night, forcing them to report the matter to Kasarani Police Station and was booked under OB number 111/30/6/2022. According to the mother, the missing son was an online writer and police are yet to find any clue over Mungai’s disappearance since his phone remains switched off as the family continues the search two months on.

 “I do not know whether my son is alive or dead, this feeling of helplessness is overwhelming for any parent,” the disturbed mother said.

Vincent Owuor’s case went missing on September 13 in what his family suspected was abduction. On the day he went missing from his office in Kilimani, it is reported that two women covered in hijab and three men in a white Prado and picked him from his office. The strangers identified themselves as police officers in a matter that was booked by the family at Kilimani Police Station under OB number /68/14/09.

Owuor’s wife Risper said at the moment she has been left with two minors to take care of as the search for the husband continues.

“They keep asking me when their father will come back and I’m equally puzzled, why would anyone want to harm a peaceful man?” Risper wondered.

“It is strange that police have not said anything concerning the case yet all roads in Milimani have CCTV cameras,” she added.

Owuor was said to be sole breadwinner working as IT consultant. It is three months now since James Muthee similarly went missing. It is stated that Muthee was arrested at Kamakis area by six people who identified themselves as police officers. On the material day, it said that the assailants blocked Muthee’s car, ejected him and bundled him into their car and zoomed off.

“It is so disheartening that some people somewhere have decided to hide him. I don’t even know if they have killed him and I do even want to imagine that! All I want is to be told where my son is,” his father, John Mwangi said.

Muthee’s family said they first reported the matter to Juja Police Station where they said they would investigate the matter up to now.

“We went there a few days later and were instead directed to DCI headquarters; we went there and were referred to Vigilance House, it seems we are being taken in circles,” Muthee’s sister Agnes Mwangi said.

The families of all the victims appealed to the State to intervene and bring back their missing kin, stating that their daily activities have been totally grounded.