Young and old lawyers differ in debate on new LSK regulations

The Law Society of Kenya, which has been operating without regulations for the past 70 years, has started drafting some to govern its operations.

During a special general meeting yesterday, a heated debate to amend or adopt some of the sections in the draft LSK (General) Regulations 2018 brought out the deep differences between the young and old lawyers, with each side seeking to have its way.

A group of lawyers enrolled to the bar less than five years ago managed to shoot down two sections on subscription fee meant to penalise those who delayed in payment.

Lawyer Charles Kanjama tried defending the sections, a move that led to arguments from a group of members, forcing LSK officials led by its President Allen Gichuhi to call a side meeting.

“The small meeting was to understand what the members want. We can now vote by a show of hands on whether to retain the section as it is or delete,” he said.

Makueni Senator Mutula Kilonzo said the proposed document to regulate the 14,600-member society will be forwarded to the Parliamentary Legal Affairs Committee for consideration.