Mandera traders funding Al-Shabaab, officer warns

County Commissioner Fredrick Shisia

Al Shabaab is receiving funding from businessmen in Mandera County, County Commissioner Fredrick Shisia (pictured) has now warned.

Mr Shisia said the government had received intelligence that the businesses were paying taxes and protection fees to the terror gang domesticated in troubled Somalia.

He accused some members of the community of frustrating the fight against terror and promised swift action.

“Anyone who is in communication with members of Al Shabaab will be arrested and charged,” he warned.

Shisia  further stated that security officials were on the lookout for women from Jubaland who are planning to cross into Mandera after being kicked out of their country.

During Mashujaa Day celebrations, appeals for security to be improved in the border town took centre stage with the National government being accused of doing little to prevent terror attacks.

Mandera Governor Ali Roba said improving security in the county was integral in the fight against terrorism.

Mandera has been prone to attacks targeted at Christian faithful with the most recent being a raid at a residential block where six people lost their lives.

Yesterday, leaders said the unreliable supply of electricity also contributed to the insecurity in the county since most of the attacks took place at night.

Roba pointed out that key projects that are aimed at beefing up security are yet to be completed.

“The project has not taken one and a half years since it was commissioned. The poles that have been erected have covered only 1.8 kilometres yet the border is 360 kilometres long. It is likely to take a century before the process to secure the border is complete,” Roba said.

His comments were echoed by Mandera Township MCA Feysal Abdinur who accused the government of misusing resources.

“In the last nine months, only 300 metres have been constructed yet everyday 25 vehicles ferry workers to the site,” he said.

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