8th Global Islamic Microfinance Forum to be held in Dubai

By Standard Reporter | Wednesday, Sep 5th 2018 at 18:00
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The 8th Global Islamic Microfinance Forum (GIMF) will be held in Dubai on 25th - 26th November, 2018.

Theme of event is, “Financial Inclusion, FinTech, Outreach Strategies & Innovations.” This Apex event is organized by AlHuda CIBE in Association with Akhuwat and Sponsored by Islamic Corporation for the Development of the Private Sector- ICD.

More than 30 countries are expected to participate in this prestigious event, with approximately 25 international speakers scheduled to address the event.

AlHuda is striving for poverty alleviation through Islamic microfinance by providing advisory, consultancy, research and capacity building services and has organized 7 annual events in different countries of the world.

Mr. Muhammad Zubair the Chief Executive Officer of AlHuda CIBE said the 8th GIMF will explore how new and effective strategies (according to Shariah compliant procedures) can be formulated to alleviate poverty and for economic sustainability.

According to most recent estimates, 46% of the poor population resides in Muslim countries, where poverty trends are alarming.

In order to reduce poverty in Muslim populous countries, a proper platform is needed to execute, which is possible through Islamic Microfinance.

The purpose of this forum is to gather stakeholders under one platform, to find out the remedy to these problems and to give a strong support to rapidly increasing Islamic Microfinance industry.

Dr. Amjad Saqib the Executive Director, Akhuwat also highlighted the objective of this forum, by articulating that the primary objective of this 8th GIMF, is to assist the poor by developing a welfare society exploring the best techniques from different modes of poverty alleviation practiced globally.

He presented the Akhuwat Model as a successful case and declared that Akhuwat has so far distributed almost Rs.43,727,601,142 among 2,039,681 families through “Qarz-e-Hassan” which in itself is a true model of Islamic Welfare oriented Microfinance system.

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