Has the Government been sensitive to the needs of citizens?

By Sydney Abasi | Wednesday, Sep 5th 2018 at 16:58
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I believe the Government has done its best to improve the livelihoods of ordinary citizens. Although there has been a major public outcry regarding the high cost of living, Kenyans have overlooked the positives of the second term of the Jubilee government.

Healthcare, for instance, has been improved, with most public hospitals receiving a manpower boost with the employment of Cuban doctors.

The introduction of a universal healthcare plan aims to ensure that all Kenyans receive proper medical services without encountering financial constraints. Although still in its formative stages, the project will prove to be a major breakthrough.

The Government is also working to ease unemployment, while improvements seen in the agricultural sector are aimed at encouraging Kenyans to try alternative employment opportunities.

On matters of corruption, there has been a major milestone with the prosecution of top Government officials. This will go a long way in killing the vice and bringing the perpetrators to justice. This type of no-nonsense approach has been lacking in previous governments and is a positive for the current administration.

Although we are still a long way off, it is still early days for a government that has been in office for just one year of its second term. I strongly believe that there is more to come if those in office are given time to deliver.

Mr Abasi is a student at Kenyatta University

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