Sudanese in Nakuru complain over police harassment

By Yvonne Chepkwony | Tuesday, Sep 4th 2018 at 00:00
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So far more than 51 South Sudanese immigrants arrested in Nakuru in the last one month. [Courtesy]

As the Ministry of interior ordered for crackdown of the illegal immigrant in Kenya, over 51 immigrants of Sudanese origin have been arrested in Nakuru for the last one month.

South Sudanese community Chairperson in Nakuru Bol Ajak Deng said that the government of Kenya need to be humane when arresting his fellow countrymen.

Speaking to standard newspaper, Ajak narrated how the Sudanese are being rounded up by the police without confirming whether they have valid document or not.

He narrated on how police entered into their residence while sleeping, knocking their doors hard then arresting them mercilessly like terrorists.

“Police are rounding up Sudanese without confirming if they have valid document, you find that some are being arrested then later released since they have valid document thus subjecting them to trauma,” said Ajak.   

Ajak, criticized the Immigration office and office of Refugee Secretariat Affairs in Nakuru for lack of cooperation.

He further said that the two agencies delay when approving and granting them valid documents therefore making them to be in the country without legitimate documents.

“Our people come to Kenya due to good treatment in the country and also in search of quality education. Most of those in custody are students others in university and others in secondary school becoming hard for them to achieve their dreams,” said the chairperson.

According to him 13 Sudanese including elderly and minors are still in police custody due to lack of Immigration prosecutor.

The government of south Sudanese had intervened last week forcing the Kenyan government to send some high level officers to Nakuru for fact finding.

The case of those who are still in custody has attracted south Sudanese government and the United Nations.

Nakuru Police Commander Mr.Hassan Barua refuted the claim that the police used force during the process and that the law was followed during the exercise.

According to the police boss, the order given by the CS Fred Matiang’i last month on immigrants has been affected all over the country.

"We are following out a government directive and the crackdown is all over the country. We are following the law while arresting all immigrants," said Barua.


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