Boy, 9, admits to breaking into 5 cars to steal money and valuables

By Maureen D Ongala | Saturday, Sep 1st 2018 at 00:00
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A Standard Three pupil yesterday admitted to have broken into five private cars and stolen valuables and money in Kilifi town.

He revealed that the next target were the vehicles for Kilifi Governor and other senior county officials, which are parked at the county offices.

The revelations came to the limelight after the nine-year-old boy was caught with Sh20,000 that he had stolen at the Kilifi County Hospital parking lot. The money belonged to a clinical officer at the hospital.

The clinical officer said she had Sh40,000 in her purse which was meant for her school fees. The boy said his friend had run away with the other Sh20,000.

The boy said last Friday he and his friend broke into a vehicle belonging to Kilifi South Sub-county Social Development Officer and stole Sh37,000 and a laptop. The car had been parked outside a café where the officer had gone to have his lunch.

According to the officer, the money was registration fee for women groups.

Refund all the money

“I had just come from the office and decided to have lunch before proceeding to bank the money. After taking lunch, I went to buy onions. Before I was done with the purchasing, the owner of the cafe shouted at me and I saw her holding the boy with the laptop,” the officer said.

Kilifi North Sub-county police boss Kennedy Owino said he was informed of the matter while on official duty outside the county.

“Both officers do not want the matter to be taken to court. I will go through the files and give a way forward,” Owino said.

The Saturday Standard established that the boy’smother agreed to refund all the money he stole. The boysaid he operates with a friend and that they are always sent to steal by another boy who had dropped out of school. He said the boy pays for them Sh50 at a PlayStation place in Kilifi town.

“He is the one who taught me how to steal. He always identifies the cars and tells us to break in and steal. We have broken into four cars and this was the fifth. The older boy always takes everything we steal and asks us to meet the following day at the PlayStation place,” he said.

The boy was taken to court but could not be charged because the file was not complete. Prosecutor Henry Achochi said some of the key witnesses had not recorded statements.

Despite the technicalities by the provisions under the Penal Code, the prosecution said they were ready to prosecute the case in court. 

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