Jubilee stronger now more than ever, says Ruto

By Rael Jelimo | Sunday, Aug 26th 2018 at 17:01
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DP William Ruto at Africa Inland Church (AIC), Kamarich, Nandi County. [DPPS]

Deputy President William Ruto on Sunday sought to reassure supporters that the ruling jubilee party is united, amid reports that there are tussles for control of the party by rival groups.

A tough talking Ruto accused unnamed politicians of conspiring to poke holes at his relationship with President Uhuru Kenyatta.

He called upon the Jubilee fraternity to ignore political alarmists whom he alleged were using 'misleading newspaper headlines and opinion polls' in attempts to undermine Jubilee unity.

"The Jubilee house is still intact, as a matter of fact, Jubilee is stronger now more than ever," said Ruto.

The DP added: "I call on all Jubilee supporters to ignore any political alarmist who are preying on the emotions of our supporters with claims that the Jubilee unity is shaky."

He was speaking at a church fundraiser in Kamarich in Nandi County.

Media reports have in the past few days painted Jubilee as a divided house, with key party leaders jostling for control of the party.

The DP has also been parrying off an outcome by an Ipsos poll that claimed majoryt of Kenyans perceive hi to be corrupt.

"This onslaught on Jubilee is led by malicious political opponents who are known to benefit from division of Kenyans; the Jubilee transformation and development agenda has frustrated their malicilious agendas," said Ruto.

Ruto termed himself a man of integrity and mocked his 'political competitors' to exhaust all channels in tarnishing his name before seeking him out for development agenda.

"My political competitors have been using the media and opinion polls to poke holes at my integrity; I tell them to exhaust all other channels for this political mudslinging and only seek me out when they are ready to discuss unity and development," said Ruto.

The DP reiterated that Jubilee was formed with a transformative agenda in mind.

"I assure Jubilee supporters that Jubilee bond was formed with a deeper commitment between the President and I unlike some elements will want you to believe," he said.

Ruto listed his grand plan to unite the Rift ahead of 2022 where he made a strong call for political leaders in the Rift voting bloc to make it their agenda to put 'petty divisive politicking' aside and forge a united front.

"We have no business as Rift leaders in joining the mudslinging bandwagon; ours is to put our house in order ahead of 2022 and forging a strong united front," advised Ruto.

He called upon Rift governors, senators, MPs and MCAs to work together to further ensure service delivery is streamlined and the development agenda in the region notable.

The DP who sought to dispel accusations that he was dwelling on the 2022 vote; said his support for the government's development agenda was unquestionable and that he was unfazed in his push to ensure development is achieved.

"I more than anyone else understands the Jubilee's plan for development in this country; I support the President 100 per cent in our Jubilee agenda to develop and transform this country," said Ruto.

Ruto was accompaniey by CS Faridah Karoney, CAS Andrew Tuimur, Governor Stephen Sang, Senator Kiprotich Cherargey, MPs Cornelly Serem (Aldai), Wilson Kogo (Chesumei), Julius Meli (Tinderet) among many other political leaders.

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