Residents live in fear as gang terrorises region

By Brian Kisanji | Thursday, Aug 23rd 2018 at 00:00
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A sword with traces of blood. [File, Standard]

Insecurity is on the rise in Butere sub-county, with at least four people killed in separate incidents in the past one month.

There have been reports that a gang known as The 42 Brothers has been terrorising residents.

The gang has been blamed for several crimes witnessed in the area in recent months.

Over the past four weeks, four residents have been killed in unclear circumstances.

Reports indicated the victims may have been attacked by machetes. 

The latest attack was on Tuesday last week when a woman was stabbed to death by unknown people while going to work in the morning.

The gang members are believed to be aged between 14 and 20, and attack people from as early as 8pm.

Theft of livestock and motorbikes is also being on the rise.

Butere Traders Association vice chairperson Javan Ang'ombe said the gang had caused fear among businesspeople -who feel they are being targeted.

"We are calling on the authorities to tame this gang before it becomes a major problem. Its members have been targeting traders as they close businesses," said Ang'ombe.

Butere Bodaboda Riders Association chairperson Hassan Mapesa said they were working with the police to fight crime in the area.

He, however, lamented that some of their members had been arrested and branded criminals.

He said the riders had also fallen victim to members of the gang, who hire them only to rob them along the way.

“Last week, with the help of riders from Mahondo and Masaba, the police arrested seven gang members,” said Mapesa.

Butere OCPD Boniface Lisiolo lamented that no one had turned up to record statements against the suspects.

"We have asked chiefs to tell those who have fallen victims to the gang to record statements with us before the suspects are taken to court," said Lisiolo.

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