Sh300 million for town spatial planning in Kisumu

By Kepher Otieno | Monday, Aug 13th 2018 at 00:00
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The county government has set aside Sh300 million for planning to accommodate a rising population.

Stephen Nabakho, the chief economist for planning in charge of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), said as the Kisumu population grows, it will need more homes, schools and health centres, which must be factored in the spatial planning.

“With spatial planning, Kisumu will re-examine new viable approaches to influence the distribution of people and activities considering available land space,” said Mr Nabakho.

He disclosed that the national government had decentralised responsibilities to local governments to plan local cities to meet the various SDGs goals.

“We want to make human settlement in cities like Kisumu inclusive and sustainable,” he said.

According to Land, Housing, Physical Planning and Urban Development Executive Dixon Obungu, the Sh300 million had been factored in this year’s budget

“So far the county assembly has approved the budget and we are working on elaborate plans to improve the town’s aesthetic value,” he said.

Nabakho was addressing a meeting convened and co-hosted by Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University and Kisumu Local Interaction Platform Trust.


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