Hippos kill Chinese tourist in Lake Naivasha

By Antony Gitonga | Sunday, Aug 12th 2018 at 14:56
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Members of the public scramble for free hippo meat in Kihoto estate, near Lake Naivasha after it was electrocuted near a private farm. [Photo:Antony Gitonga/Standard]

Two people including a Chinese national were over the weekend killed by hippos in two different incidents in Lake Naivasha.

The middle aged foreigner died hours after he was attacked by the hippo near Sopa Lodge South Lake while visiting the lakeside town.

In the first incident, the Chinese national identified as Chuang Hun was in the company of friends taking pictures on the shore of the lake when the hippo attacked.

A witness, Joel Ochieng said the foreigner got too close to the animal which turned against, him biting him on the chest.

“He was rushed to Naivasha sub-county hospital bleeding profusely but he passed on while undergoing treatment,” he said.

According to the chairman of Lake Naivasha Boat Owners Association, David Kilo the rise in water levels had contributed to hippo attacks.

“The hippo that attacked the Chinese was seeking pasture near the hotel when the incident occurred and this is not the first time,” he said.

In the second case, a fisherman was attacked by another hippo a few kilometers from the scene of the first incident.

“The man was also bitten on the chest and his injuries were serious and he died minutes after he was retrieved from the lake,” he said.

The attacks brought to six the number people who have been attacked and killed by hippos around the troubled water body since the year began.

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