Bodies of cousins that drowned in River retrieved

By Joseph Muchiri | Friday, Aug 10th 2018 at 00:00
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A bicycle belonging at the banks of River Rupingazi near Embu GK Prison belonging to one of the two boys who went missing on Sunday during a swimming spree. [Joseph Muchiri/Standard]

The bodies of two boys who vanished during an excursion to River Rupingazi in Embu County on Sunday have been found.

The bodies of Emmanuel Murimi, 17, and his 14-year-old cousin, Alex Mwenda, were found trapped among underwater roots, about six kilometres downstream from the point where their bicycle and clothes were found.

According to divers, the two were clinging to one another when they drowned, with Murimi (pictured) fully clothed, leading to speculation that he died trying to save his cousin.

The boys disappeared shortly after attending church and did not return home.

One of their friends later said they were overheard saying they were heading to the river.

The recovery ended a more than 72-hour wait for the two families as rescuers searched the river for the boys.

The bodies were found on Wednesday evening after a team of divers was brought in following protests by area residents.

Leading the divers was John Magochi, who described the search as treacherous.

He said the team of eight divers struggled with fast currents and underwater roots for hours before finding the bodies.

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