Negative impact of social media as more Kenyans embrace Internet

By M Odiwuor | Saturday, Dec 28th 2013 at 00:00
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NAIROBI, KENYA: As Kenyans become tech-savvy, negative impacts of the frequent use of social media are being felt, with women being major victims of cyber bullying. Tech-related Violence Against Women (Tech-Vaw) is on the rise. It feels like the new kid on the block. Too much excitement and online abuse because of lack of regulatory mechanisms is on the rise.

Kenyan Former Boxing champion Conjestina Achieng’ faced cyber bullying when she was in her most trying moment. Achieng’ fell ill early this year and her mental state deteriorated, forcing her family to transfer her to their rural home.


Instead of coming to her aid, some Kenyans on social media started throwing insults at her with others going as far as asking how special she is. This is a post put in a social platform; Anonymous 24 October 2013: “Stop pestering us with this Congestina. Kwani how special is she.” Congestina was later admitted to Avenue Hospital in Kisumu after The Standard highlighted her plight.

After receiving treatment, she was confined to the facility even on Mashujaa Day celebrations with a bill of Sh595,000, until a harambee was conducted to get her out of the facility.

Early last month, The Standard On Sunday’s Generation Next Magazine published an exclusive interview with Miss World Kenya 2013, Wangui Gitonga. Ms Gitonga said she was cyber-bullied in July after being crowned Miss Kenya.

Some People on Twitter were of the opinion that she did not deserve the title due to her physical features. Gitonga said she was not aware of violence against her until a friend informed her of what was going on. She got the information from her friend.

“I did not allow the negativity especially because I knew I qualified fairly for the auditions; the cyber bullying made me even stronger,” she said. Before her conversion Linet Munyali aka Size 8, was at the top of her game, arguably as one of the highest paid female artiste in Kenya.

Her decision to be born again was received with mixed feelings with many in social media commenting negatively about her new choice. Others termed it a publicity stunt, while majority of those who commented over the issue said it was just a matter of time comparing her with other musicians who backslid after conversion.

On a public page on Facebook, known as Majibu za Walevi, they posted a question as their status update and this is one of the few samples of the public reaction: “Juan Naxon Hehee ati saved uuuiii!! That is April 1. Djnickyshie Allbro aaaaaa looking 4 fame twnt last”.

Gospel songstress Emmy Kosgei, who recently got married to 60-year-old Nigerian apostle Anselm Madubuko, has also been a victim of online violence. When word came out that she was getting married to Madubuko, she was criticised for her choice.

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