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Tables turn as would-be victim drugs, rapes call girl

Updated Sunday, November 3rd 2013 at 00:00 GMT +3
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Ordinarily call girls are known to drug and fleece their victims, but one got a dose of her own medicine in Kisumu, when her prey turned tables and stupefied her before robbing and having his way with her.

Residents of the county were taken aback when they leant of the bizarre incident where the hunter turned to be the hunted.

Call girls in the area are known to use a rice-like drug, commonly referred to as mchele, to daze victims.


Once their victim is dizzy, they empty pockets. In instances where they had been taken to his house, they steal household goods including clothes.

It all began when an unidentified scheming man spiked a drink belonging to a hooker who had allegedly requested to “keep him company” with intentions of drugging him.

The man had outfoxed

and taken her to a lodging where he robbed her and slept with her. The woman woke up the following day only to find herself naked with evidence that someone had raped her as she slept in drugged stupor.

The poor girl asked a boda boda operator a barrage of questions before begging him to get her a leso and offer her a ride to her house.

“Ere lepa Soldier, Ne wabiro kaa gi ng’a, be ne awuotho koso ne

oting’a? To ng’ama ne wabiro go to othi kanye (Where are my clothes soldier, whom did I come with here and where is he/she and was I carried while coming here?” She asked.

The watchman could not help but instead burst into loud laughter, in the process attracting a crowd of shocked on-lookers.


Within minutes other boda boda operators had gathered at the scene to hear what was going on.

“E wamer e bar moro malo kae to ne wan ji mangeny, koro kaka ne achopo kae akia, to ng’ano olonya duk kae otimo timbe maricho koda ae okwalo pesa na, sim to gi lepa, tii ne adhi kune yawa jowa (We were drinking, we were a crowd. How I reached here, I still don’t know. The person who brought me here raped me and went with my phone, money and clothes, where will I go?),”she wailed.

One of the boda boda riders, who she promised to pay later, sympathised with her and gave her a ride home.

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