Choose between work making you a bitter Bill or a better Ben

When your career journey unveils a series of unfortunate events, it is conceivable that you will find yourself overwhelmed, challenged and fearful to the circumstances.  We have heard of companies retrenching all or a section of their staff. If you speak to anyone who has lost a job overnight, they will tell you it’s a life-changing experience. Other companies are opting to cut medical insurance for their employees to lower their cost of production. In other instances, you may think you are up for a promotion, but another person gets it. What happens to all the plans you had?

The positive thing about tough times is that we get to make choices that can either be to get bitter or get better. Choose the latter. Let the dark days mould you into a better person. Confront your beliefs, emotions and memories that you think may scare you as you seek to move on. You cannot control the storms that hit you. However, you have control of your response to them. Here is how.

1. Deal with the frustration

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The feeling of disappointment is inevitable in these circumstances. But just know that you will get through it. You will not be in this situation forever. “Bad luck” is not unique that it’s targeted to specific people. People struggle with adversities at some point in their lives. You will be unfair to yourself if you allow resentment consume you. It should not surprise you even when your most trusted friends turn their backs on you. Do not be bitter with them. Bitterness will gather all negativity and turn you into a master complainer. Choose to heal. Just acknowledge that adversity is the part of life that builds character. You will experience a knowing that you had strengths you never knew you had before. You will appreciate the lessons that come along — even though you won’t see them at first. Accept help from other people in your life who are willing to lend a hand during the difficult times. Shift your thoughts to bring out the best of the situation. Try to lessen all the questions that you may not have answers to. Again, some things are simply not in your control.

2. Embrace the power to evoke change

Mental toughness is the main difference between successful people and other people who always play victim. Our energy attracts. When we pay more attention to pulling through the tough times, the energy we project will become the driving force to becoming better with our thought processes, beliefs and reactions. You need to stay positive to transition yourself from the initial shock of the ordeal to deal with your recovery. Intense moments will present you with choices. Staying bitter is a choice. Working through the situation to evoke the change you want to see is also a choice. For you to rise above it all, you need to up-level your thinking. Drop all practices that no longer serve you and allow your confidence to positively change your outlook. Be proactive about your thoughts, because you are what you think you are.

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3.  Be grateful for past victories

One way of inspiring yourself is to think of at least 5 things that you are grateful for. If you make it a daily habit, it will lighten your mood and give you a new perspective of the things that matter most in life. Take stock in where you are. Good health, family, ability to read, wisdom that comes with age are some of the simplest things that we take for granted yet they bring immense value into our lives.

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4. Identify where to start over

A Harvard business study reported that only 3 per cent of their population has taken the time to write their career goals down. It also found out that 14 per cent have their life plans in their mind but haven’t taken the initiative to write them down. It is sad that the majority 83 per cent did not have plans at all. This explains why setbacks normally bring out the worst in people. We react instead of responding. Take time to plan your next move. We often focus heavily on the road to recovery and to success. The plan of action has to have a great starting point.

5. Track the ethical compass within you

Hustling day and night to get where you want to be should be coupled with practices that match your values. The journey to recover from a setback will give you peace of mind when your inner compass agrees with the steps you take. Your personal values should guide your decision-making.

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