Pro choice or pro life?

Abortion is a contentious subject that I avoid talking about with close friends and family. Why? Because I feel strongly about it. I have strong opinions and sometimes, they rub people the wrong way. Yet, while I avoid it, a few days ago it found me seated right at my desk, and of course it erupted into an argument with my colleagues where we agreed to disagree, and went our separate ways.

Whenever my husband is away for work and I am at home alone with my daughters, I check the doors twice. I always wonder what I would do if I had a break-in and the attackers decided that rape was something they could indulge in.

I am a woman, and every time I am in an elevator filled with men, or a man who looks threatening, I feel an unconscious sliver of fear and breathe a little easier when I get off.

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I am a woman, and being in a basement parking lot alone or even walking the streets alone at night scares me.

I am every woman. And this woman could be your mum, wife or daughter. And this is Kenya; Post exposure prophylaxis is not accessible to every woman (it should be. Another issue altogether). If any of these scenarios led to rape and pregnancy, would she be forced to bring up that child? Would she love it the way a mother should and would her husband embrace it?

Would you tell her that keeping the child was the way to go?

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I know that being pro-life or pro-choice is a very polarising matter, and that life, every life, is sacred. I also know that as a mother I would lay down my life for mine, and in the same breath I know that If a woman takes herself to a clinic and wants to rip out what is in her womb, she has waged a battle within herself, and made a painful decision.  I know that she needs understanding and not condemnation.

That is why matters like these don’t need to be so black and white.  That is also why we need to protect children and women with laws that treat incest and rape as capital offences. And just to throw in a little sad fact, Kenya’s youngest mum gave birth last year and she was only nine. The baby could be her child or her sibling, seeing as the girl’s father was the baby’s father…or is it grandfather?  

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