Elijohn Njema, a businessman, with his 5-year-old son Blake Gikonyo

Gikonyo and son. [Photo: Standard]
The lessons I learn from him. I’m reminded constantly of who I am. Being a parent also gives me a purpose, knowing that what I am working towards is for a reason because it’s for someone. That makes me selfless and whole.

What are some of the challenges you face as a father?

My biggest challenge is the amount of time we spend together. I don’t feel it’s enough. Other than that, not being able to get him everything he desires all the time, but that’s just a financial challenge so most of the time it’s temporary.

What are some of the lessons you would like to teach your son as he grows up?

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Patience, kindness and good judgement.

How do you spend time together?

We have different activities for most days. Sometimes some simple home experiments to teach him the basics of science. We make toys, play with Lego’s, video games, drawing games; anything to fuel his curiosity and imagination.

If your son was an adult, what life advice would you give him?

I would tell him to strive to find himself, to be be truthful and not to compromise his values.

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If you could buy your son one gift right now, what would it be?

I’d buy him the best education. Education is training the mind on how to think and reason.

What is the most memorable thing your son has done recently?

He has taken up an interest in numbers, painting and drawing.

How similar is your child with you?

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We’re very similar. We have the same kind of curiosity on how things work and we like adventure.

If you had the power to choose a career for him what would it be?

An artist. Artists give the world so much beauty and freedom. But my prayer for him is he’ll get to be and do whatever he feels like doing, so long as he finds himself and executes his choice with passion.

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