Workout mistakes you are probably making

This are some of the workout mistakes you are probably making.

1. Putting weight training after intense cardio

While both are very important parts of fitness, always do them on separate days. This is to ensure that after the energy-draining and muscle-tearing cardio, your body has enough rest and repair time to get maximum results from the weight training.

But there is a way to combine them if you must. Do not do 40 minutes of cardio then go to weights section. No, instead, combine them by lifting or using weights when recovering from the cardio then get back to cardio. Do 10 minutes of cardio then 10 of weights then 10 of cardio then another session of weights. This is much more effective at fat-burning.

2. Not doing any weight training at all
Yes, running and swimming will help you lose weight, but do you know what will make your efforts pay off much faster and give you a better overall physique? Weights. They help build muscle which in turn increases the amount of fat burn your body experiences, even when at rest.

3. Working out on an empty stomach

Science shows that the body gets into a fat burning mode 40 to 50 minutes into your workout. So fuel up about 90 minutes prior to the workout to have enough energy to get you to that mark. Eat something light, like a banana or have a small helping of plain yoghurt.

4. Not changing up your workout

You have been working out the same way, running the same distance, lifting same amount of weights and getting frustrated when the scale doesn’t move.

What is happening is that your body has hit a plateau. It has got used to the regimen and is not challenged anymore. The rule of the thumb is to change your regimen when it starts getting comfortable. When you can lift 20 kilogrammes easily, it is time to add 5 kilogrammes.

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