Fitness in numbers

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There are some important numbers that every fitness enthusiast should keep in mind.

20 is the body fat percentage you are set to additionally burn if you work out on an empty stomach, especially first thing in the morning.

1 exercise that works the entire core is the plank. It also burns more calories than the traditional crunches and sit-ups.

50 minutes is the recommended time by fitness experts for an exercise session.

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3 sets of muscles are engaged when running; the gluteus maximus, hip flexors and the quadriceps femoris – your hamstring and muscles on the front of your leg. You however won’t get a flat tummy from running. Running will help you lose fat as you are burning many calories but your core, though supporting the movement, is not thoroughly engaged.

45 minutes of early morning slightly moderate exercise- like walking on a treadmill, will help curb appetite throughout the rest of the day.

45-60 seconds is the time you should comfortably hold a standard plank before looking for more difficult variations.

3 times a week is the number of times a beginner should run every week.

20-30 per cent of your muscle strength ebbs off just a week after being on bed rest. Muscles tend to weaken and atrophy after disuse.

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7 years is what a minute of exercise adds to your natural lifespan.

150 minutes of weekly exercise is the recommended time frame for optimal fitness.  Following research, those who adhered to this had longer lifespans, increased stamina and better overall health.

40 years is a good age to start fitness if you had not embraced it in your younger years. Exercise has been observed to reverse skin-aging signs. At 40, the epidermis starts thickening, specifically the outer protective layer and it becomes flaky and dull. Also, the layer beneath the epidermis, the dermis, begins to thin out. This causes sagginess. Dedication to long term exercise however boosts collagen and the human growth hormone production and these two promote youthfulness.

40 is the age at which a man’s testosterone level begins to reduce. This leads to a decrease in muscle mass, ultimately leading to an increase in body fat. This is the reason why muscle-building exercises are a great thing to embark on.

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