Project X party: Response from National Aids Control Council

Nairobi, Kenya: The attention of National AIDS Control Council (NACC) has been drawn to an advertisement in social media of a party dubbed “Project X” involving sexual orgies, alcohol and drug abuse, targeting people of all ages and especially young people. The NACC wishes to state the following in response to such advertisements and parties:

These are coming at a time when NACC and other partners are implementing Kenya’s Fast –Track Plan to End HIV and AIDS among Adolescents and Young People that was launched in September 2015 by H.E. the President of Republic of Kenya, Hon. Uhuru Kenyatta.

It should further be noted that in 2014, about 29 per cent of all new HIV infections in the country occurred among adolescents and young people and that AIDS was (and remains) the leading cause of morbidity (ill-health) and mortality (death) among this population group.

The NACC strongly discourages any such parties, functions or events that provide a fertile ground for participants to engage in activities that not only fuel HIV infection and other sexually transmitted infections, but also ruins their overall character and the ability to lead responsible lives.

The council therefore strongly supports the position taken by the Kenya Police Service in banning the planned Project X Party and any other similar events.

While NACC does not dictate how adults exercise their sexual freedom, it is important to point out that the freedom should be exercised responsibly and within the law, without putting people (and especially children, adolescents and young people) at risk of contracting HIV and other sexually transmitted infections; and promoting behaviour that is geared towards ruining their lives. Therefore the NACC strongly advises that all people including adolescents and the youth to keep off such events and activities.

“Weed” and other illegal drugs do not make anybody more attractive, intelligent or successful in life – they actually cause dependence and destroy a person’s life, making the person not attain his/her full potential in life. Girls and boys (and even adults) who are “stoned”, end up either very badly hurt or possibly dead.

The NACC and her partners continue to support access to a diverse package of interventions geared towards protecting people from HIV and other related infections by guaranteeing ease of access to the interventions within health facilities and the community across the country.   Any person at risk of exposure to HIV and other related infections is encouraged to seek the services available.

The NACC wishes to inform Adolescent and Young people to seek for concrete and proper information on matters HIV from the NACC website (

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