Moustapha’s lover worried by gays after him

Leading Ogopa Deejay’s singer Moustapha, who has admitted being in a relationship with a new girl since October last year, says his new flame is disturbed by reports that gay men wanted a part of him during a recent visit in Tanzania. After Pulse unearthed the story two weeks ago, the new lover caused a tantrum and grilled the Kupe singer asking him if he is really ‘straight’.

Moustapha told Pulse that the Tanzanian men have been pursuing him since.

“It is true that I am seeing someone and we are in an open relationship. She is not a public figure and she prefers being behind the scene. She was really disturbed by that (gay) rumour after some men pursued me in Dar,” Moustapha told Pulse on Wednesday.

“I love her and we have been talking about the future in most of those weekends we spend in my house. She needs assurance,” he added.

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Moustapha gays Tanzania