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Beauty with scandals

Updated Fri, July 15th 2011 at 00:00 GMT +3

They say beauty is how you feel inside and it reflects in your eyes. It is not something physical. Yet most beauty queens, despite being considered as role models, often serve their reigns riddled with murk, writes STEVENS MUENDO

With a charming smile complementing her sublime beauty, Alexandria Mills, the reigning Miss World brightened the airport lobby and stirred commotion as enthusiastic onlookers battled to catch a glimpse of ostensibly the fairest of them all.

Her gold pendant dazzled like a million stars as camera lights flashed. Her irresistible blonde looks shone even more.

 The pomp ushering her arrival on her first visit to Africa was crowned with a touch of African culture as the American-born beauty was presented with a Maasai leso to her delight.

So startling was the breathtaking heroic welcome that even her boss, Julia Morley, the Miss World franchise holder, was lost for words.

But yet still, how better could it get with the other two Miss World runners up — Emma Wareus from Botswana and Adriana Vasini of Venezuela — joining in the three-day tour in Nairobi.

“This is a beautiful country. I am glad to be here,” she sighed as she waved to the crowd and boarded a courtesy limousine to the world-rated Tribe Hotel.

It is almost a year since the soft-spoken 18-year-old, was named the winner of Miss World 2010 contest in southern China. Back then, the tall blonde stirred controversy and speculation was rife that Chinese judges blocked front-runner Miss Norway in favour of the American teenager.

As the dark cloud hang over her for months, spice was added to the broth with allegations of her nude photos surfacing on the Internet. The latter firmly put her in an endless list of beauty queens whose reigns have been saddled with scandals and controversies.

But all these seemed to be behind her now during this joyous moment. 

Beautiful attributes

“I have a passion for singing. I can recall my first public performance where my entire family joined in to watch the presentation,” she remarked.

“I like playing the French horn and percussions. I grew up singing country music and country rock. I enjoy travelling a lot,” added the beauty who describes herself as positive, spontaneous, open-minded and an outgoing person. She is also a vegetarian and an addict for Italian pasta.

“I intend to travel the world and pursue a career in landscape and architectural photography. I have this motto that the best things in life are worth waiting for, fighting for, believing in, and just never letting go of,” she quipped.

The excitement surrounding her visit could have no better impact than the ecstatic thrill that filled the Miss World, Kenya, academy booty camp, where she shared moments with raw beauty talents expected to battle it out for her crown later this month.

For a beauty industry, which has been marred by controversies and uncertainties, her encouragement came as a reprieve to the amateur models from whom a Kenyan representative will be picked for the Miss World 2011 contest.

Besides gorgeous Natasha Metto, the reigning Miss Kenya, who — representing Africa — won the coveted Miss World Beauty with a Purpose title at the 2010 Miss World pageant at Sanya, China, Kenyan representatives have always had a poor show in the global plat form. In fact, when it comes to the big four —Miss World, Miss Universe, Miss Earth and Miss International — Kenyan representatives hardly get the sniff of the finals.

It is even strange to learn that some of those representatives never make it to the contest abroad with squabbles, corruption and controversy stalking the organisers and franchise holders.

Faulty auditions

Claims of sexual harassment, bribery, nepotism and other forms of frustrations during auditions have in the past been levelled on some of the organisers and judges by some of the beauties, majority of whom, after being disappointed, have vowed never to attend any modelling auditions.

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