Over 200 Doctors hold vigil after their Union officials were sentenced to jail for contempt

KTN Newsdesk | Tuesday 14 Feb 2017 1:58 pm

Let us now move to that story that Kenyans are still talking about, a group of doctors who last night converged at the railways club for a night vigil in solidarity with their jailed union officials were dispersed by police. The group of about 200 doctors was joined by other members of the public who chanted slogans, vowing to continue demanding for their rights. The move follows a court ruling yesterday that triggered the beginning of a one month jail sentence for the union officials for contempt of court. The doctors, who were joined by other human rights activists among other professionals, agreed to disperse but vowed to press on with their demonstrations. The government has maintained that the collective bargaining agreement (CBA) the medics are basing their strike on is illegal, citing grounds that the same was not registered in court. The strike entered its 72nd day today with legal experts s