KTN Prime: Chaos rocks Busia as violence broke out between residents and police over bodaboda's deat

KTN Prime | Thursday 5 Jan 2017 10:05 pm

Angry residents stormed and burnt down Burinda administration police camp and chief’s office in Busia County. The residents were protesting an earlier incident where an AP officer is accused of shooting dead a boda boda operator. According to them the bodaboda operator is alleged to have knocked down a child in front of the AP camp prompting the officers nearby to intervene.  In the process an argument erupted leading to the shooting of the bodaboda rider. For over five hours police engaged members of the public in running battles with guns shots and teargas renting the air. Members of the public however overpowered the officers who arrived to quell chaos. The assistant commissioner's land cruiser, chief’s office, armory, AP offices and residence were set ablaze.