Floriculture and Oserian Founder dies at the age of 80

KTN Prime | Wednesday 28 Dec 2016 10:00 pm

It’s a sad day for the Kenya horticultural sector after the passing on of the pioneer of the Kenya floriculture ‘Johannes Ewaldus’ popularly known as Hans Zwager who passed on at the age of 90.  Zwager was the founder of Kenya’s leading flower exporting company Oserian Development Company limited. He was one of the leading entrepreneurial pioneers in kenyan horticulture and Oserian became the model for flower export to the Dutch and EU markets. Hans started up the tele flower auction in the Netherlands, the first electronic flower auction in the world, designed to promote and support the Kenyan flower exporters. He also saw the opportunity to trade flowers directly to the UK supermarkets and established world flowers in 1989, allowing Kenyan farmers to trade directly with the European high street superstores. Today Hans’ relatives and friends were joined by some 3,500 workers and their families to an afternoon and evening of entertainment to c