KTN Prime: KRA and Kiambu county enter a partnership for use of ITax to address property rates issue

Business | Thursday 22 Dec 2016 10:09 pm

Property rates remain the greatest challenge in county revenue collection with most county governments issuing biannual amnesties to property owners to encourage them to comply with the law. For fix this the Kenya revenue authority has now partnered with counties to collect property taxes and single business permits fees on behalf of the county.  The first is a partnership with Kiambu county that will enable the county government use KRA’s iTax platform to make payments through mobile money and bank transfers. This includes a joint enforcement approach by both KRA and Kiambu County, thereby making it very difficult for defaulters to operate undetected. The second phase will entail payment and billing of property rates through the iTax system. Kiambu County was in the last financial shy by 800 million shillings on its tax collection targets