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[VIDEO] KTN Prime: President Uhuru Kenyatta is more popular according to pollsters' IPSOS survey

If elections were held today Uhuru Kenyatta would retain the presidency; this is according to the latest opinion poll released by research firm IPSOS. 50% of those polled said they would vote for President Kenyatta against just 22% for cord leader Raila Odinga, even as a majority admits that run-away corruption is one of the jubilee governments’ biggest failures. Pollsters indicate that Raila’s low numbers may be attributed to the fact that the coalition is yet to field a single candidate for next year’s general election, since all co-principals in the coalition are eyeing the presidency. The poll results indicate that the jubilee party still maintains huge support in the country at 45%, followed by ODM at 19%, the cord alliance at 6% and the wiper democratic party at 2%…interestingly, despite many saying that grand corruption is still the jubilee governments greatest flaw, concerns about hunger and drought ranked highest among most Kenyans with the cost of

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