KTN Prime: President Uhuru sticks to order of troops retreat from South Sudan, 3/11/16

KTN Prime | Thursday 3 Nov 2016 11:45 pm

President Uhuru Kenyatta has confirmed that Kenya is withdrawing her troops and disengaging fully from the South Sudan peace process. Kenya’s move came as a reaction to the sacking of United Nations mission in south Sudan force commander lt. General Johnson Ondieki Kimani. Uhuru was speaking in Nakuru during the Kenya defence forces officer cadets’ commissioning parade. 

800 soldiers quit Kenya Defence Forces after Somali invasion

More than 800 soldiers have left the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) since the Somalia operation began in 2011. KDF Director of Prosecution Brigadier Kenneth Okoki Dindi told a Mombasa court that the soldiers left for various reasons, including desertion. In a sworn affidavit filed at the Mombasa Court of Appeal, Brigadier Dindi said the departures had a direct effect on KDF's ability to check indiscipline and desertion among the soldiers. KDF is seeking the court's permission fa